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Chief Justice Peralta to retire early

Dec 01, 2020

MANILA (UPDATE) - Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta will retire from his post a year early, the high court's spokesman said Tuesday, allowing Pres...Read more


Bawal ang insecure

Nov 30, 2020

The possibility of unemployment is a very real threat posed against the average Filipino worker, with the economy not sparing even the most established business from financial reverses....Read more


Driver in collision, to be sued for reckless imprudence

Nov 29, 2020

Dear PAO,I was carefully driving my car along EDSA Avenue when the vehicle in front of me suddenly stopped, caus...Read more


What’s up in Bongbong-Leni VP tiff?

Nov 22, 2020

After learning of the outright denial of the motions to inhi...Read more


Lemon Law only applies to brand-new cars

Nov 16, 2020

Dear PAO,...Read more


Admissibility of a confession made to media personnel

Nov 13, 2020

Dear PAO,Is an admission of a suspect or an accused before a media personnel admissible in our courts in the event that his/her case will be elevated to such tribunal? ...Read more


Lawyer shoots self to death after killing RTC judge inside Manila City Hall

Nov 11, 2020

MANILA, Philippines — A lawyer fatally shot himself after shooting and killing a judge at the Manila Regional Trial Court inside her office at the Manila City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, police said....Read more


Calida, Marcos press case for Leonen inhibition

Nov 10, 2020

Solicitor General Jose Calida and former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday submitted separate motions before the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to force Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic...Read more


US media declaration of Biden election is arbitrary and full of holes

Nov 09, 2020

IT surprised us, perhaps as much as it did the White House and the Republican party, that a bunch of United States media organizations, led by media networks and the New York Times (NYT) ventured last Saturday to proclaim...Read more


Disinheriting a child

Nov 07, 2020

Dear PAO,I have four children, and three of them are successful in their lives and chosen careers. My fourth child, however,...Read more


US election: Key state recounts may decide presidency

Nov 05, 2020

ANKARA – President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden seem to be in the home stretch of the fiercely fought presidential race, but vote recounts in some key swing states could still determine w...Read more


Explained: Donald Trump’s legal claims in contested states

Nov 05, 2020

President Donald Trump and his campaign have filed lawsuits in four states where ballots are still being counted and outcomes will determine the winner of the US election....Read more


Original registration of land

Nov 04, 2020

Dear PAO,My name is Rowena, and I am presently residing abroad. I inherited a parcel of land more than a year ago in Batanga...Read more


Separation pay

Nov 02, 2020

Dear PAO,I was placed on a temporary layoff by my employer from June 2020 to December 2020. Yesterday, I received a notice t...Read more


The raging race to 270

Nov 01, 2020

Two days from now, on Nov. 3, the race to 270 of Joe Biden, 78, and Donald Trump, 74, to be America’s President for 2021-2025 will end. In fact, weeks ago, the mail-in (or absentee) ballots had started pouring in in his...Read more